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New Testing Protocols: Updated May 21, 2021

  1. Will you continue to test unvaccinated staff on a weekly basis?
    -Yes, weekly testing to be completed of all unvaccinated staff
  2. If a staff member is fully vaccinated, do we continue to test on a weekly basis?
    -No, fully vaccinated staff no longer have to be routinely tested, unless the facility has a positive case among residents or staff. In that case the entire building, residents, and staff, will be tested twice weekly for 14 days. Staff that have been vaccinated must provide a vaccination card for their employee file.
  3. If our county is over 10% positive rate, does the facility test twice a week?
    -Yes, you will conduct testing twice a week until the positivity rate drops below 10%. Central Office will be monitoring by county the positivity rate and will get you this information on Monday mornings. Staff and residents will be tested.
  4. If there is a positive staff or resident, how often are we testing
    -Regardless of if staff or residents have been vaccinated, the facility will test twice a week for 14 days or until the facility is negative.
  5. Will residents continue to be tested on a weekly basis?
    -If the resident has been fully vaccinated, they do not need to be tested unless symptomatic or if the facility has a positive case (Staff or Resident).

All Facilities Will Be Continuing With:

-Initial testing of all new or returning residents to a facility covered by this Order and newly hired staff when the individual is unvaccinated and has not been tested in the 72 hours prior to intake or start date

-Testing any resident or staff member with symptoms of Covid-19 or suspected exposure to Covid-19, regardless of that individual’s vaccination status

-Weekly testing of all residents and staff in facilities experiencing an outbreak (any facility-acquired positive cases among residents or staff) until 14 days after the last new positive case, regardless of vaccination.