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How old do you have to be for assisted living?

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As we age, our requirements and expectations undergo a massive transformation. During youth, our agility and mobility make us self-reliant, and our jobs keep us on our toes. With retirement and advancing age comes the challenge of decreased capabilities. It is important to understand that the senile changes we go through are not bad but rather a major component of who we are. The circle of life will keep on spinning, regardless of how we feel about it. Our family and loved ones will eventually have their own lives and cannot handle our changing needs. This is why caring assisted living centers have been set up across Michigan to help seniors age gracefully.

Types of assisted living facilities

1-Conventional assisted living:

This setting comprises all the basic amenities required for senior care, which includes semi-private and private accommodations and on-site healthcare teams for professional health checks. The basic purpose of this type of assisted senior care facility is to assist with daily life activities.

2-Enhanced living:

Most residents in this setting are quite able and healthy as compared to conventional assisted care setups. The major feature of an enhanced living facility is the luxury and private accommodations that are offered. The focus is majorly on seniors who wish to live a 5-star lifestyle and enjoy their post-retirement era.

3-Memory care assisted senior care:

Memory care assisted living offers specialized programs for seniors with cognitive decline to cater to their unique needs. Most residents in these setups are above 60 years of age and require assistance around the clock.

At what age should you opt for assisted senior care?


      • Usually, Michigan denizens of 65 years or more are eligible for living in specialized assisted living spaces. It is important to note that there is no hard and fast rule regarding when one can start living in an assisted senior care facility. The specific age of admission and stay can vary from one setup to the other.

      • It is not uncommon for seniors 50 years or older to start living in a caring assisted living facility. The reasons can range from early retirement to the lack of dependable family ties. Not everyone has the comfort of home and love, so when advancing age presents its problem, moving into a senior home might be the only option.

      • If a chronic illness worsens or leaves one unable to execute routine tasks, assisted living may provide a haven and a means of maintaining the quality of life.

    • For younger individuals with debilitating conditions requiring continuous care, getting admitted to a reliable assisted living facility might help with their dignity while providing the professional attention they need.

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    Characteristics of care assisted living

    Whatever your reasons and age may be for enrolling in a reliable assisted living facility in Michigan, make sure you look for the following features:

      • The pricing should be affordable and sustainable for the intended period of stay.
      • Choose facilities that are closer to any friends and family you might have in the area to maintain relationships.
    • Based on your health, look for on-site healthcare facilities and proximity to rehab or hospitals.
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